Roman Shipwreck Found Off Italian Island Of Ustica

A Roman shipwreck, laden with a cargo of amphorae, believed to date back to between the second and first centuries BC, was found in a stretch of water at a depth of about 70 metres off the small Italian island of Ustica in the Tyrrhenian Sea by the Superintendence of the Sea. The preliminary investigations were conducted with the technical-logistic support of the Guardia di Finanza, commanded by Colonel Martinengo del Roan.
“We have resumed the research and maintenance activities of the submerged itineraries”, declares the Superintendent of the Sea, Valeria Li Vigni, “thanks to Councillor Alberto Samonà who has expressed the will to put the Superintendence back at in the spotlight, which is still today a unit of research, protection and enhancement unique in Europe and which continues its activity in all the seas of Sicily”.

The dives were led by senior deep-sea diver Riccardo Cingillo over a the three day period, during which research was carried out with the use of echosounder, Rov and Rebreather. Over the coming weeks the research at Ustica will continue with assessments, video-photographic surveys, and diagnostic analysis of the recovered finds.

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