The discovery of 150,000-yearold pipes in China has stunned the scientific coммuɴιтʏ

As we all know, many of the findings made by scientists, scholars, and historians not only help to solve certain problems of human history, but they often also reveal new possibilities.


Since some objects found are too unsuitable for the era they are thought to belong to, having been produced with technology that are equivalent to the period, these artifacts bring researchers even more headaches

As some 150,000-year-old pipes were found near Mount Baigong, it was in this situation.

It seems that certain artifacts that do not match the time of which they belong have been given a unique name by archaeologists all over the world. They’re known as OOPART, which stands for “out of place objects.”

Taking into account the past taught to students today, such history does not support the presence of such artifacts during the time span in which they were framed, which has often sparked debates. The pipes discovered are excellent examples of this group.


They were found in a pyramid near Baigong Mountain in Qinghai Province. Several archaeologists have discovered a sequence of three caves with several pipes of this kind.

These pipes seem to be on their way to a saltwater lake near the caves, running only below and around its edge.

The researchers used a cutting-edge technique called thermoluminescence to further analyze them and discovered that they are about 150,000 years old, which is astounding.

Much more shocking is the fact that, according to classical tradition, the first population to settle on those lands was 30,000 people, which is completely incompatible with the age of the pipes discovered.


Yang Ji, a scholar, does not rule out the possibility that these pipes and even the pyramids were built by an alien civilization, citing the fact that humans did not live in that area 150,000 years ago and that the radioactivity of these pipes is unusual.

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